Day Care Ward

Location: It is located on the fourth floor of the hospital’s building No. 2.

Number of active beds: eleven beds

Specialized services providable in the ward: Specialized services providable in the ward: Patients admitted to this ward only need a one-day hospitalization. Services to patients in this ward are provided by specialized and sub-specialized physicians and an experienced nursing team, by means of advanced facilities and equipment. The nurses in this ward have special skills in injecting chemotherapy drugs besides providing care relevant to this category of patients.

Services of this ward: • Preparing patients for minor and outpatient surgeries and Performing chemotherapy and Transfusing blood and products and Injecting specific medications for outpatients, and so on

The use of a cool cap is one of the newest methods employed to decline the complication of hair loss due to chemotherapy in patients; in this hospital’s day care department, these services are provided to patients who wish to use it.

Internal number: 441 – 440