Imaging Ward

location: : It is located on the first basement of the hospital’s main building.

Imaging ward consists of radiography, CT scan, MRI, conventional and Doppler ultrasound. This ward is equipped with PACS software system. .

Besides providing various radiography, CT scan, and ultrasound services, interventional imaging services are performed in this ward, including:

  • • Performing various biopsies under a CT scan guide
  • • Chemoembolization of liver tumors
  • • Disc disease PRT
  • • Installation of pigtails and drains under ultrasound or CT scan guide
  • • Microwave ablation of liver tumors (cancer cells)
  • • ERCP
  • • Laser varicose veins treatment
  • • Dilatation and stenting of bile ducts

internal number: 550 – 551