Neonatal Ward

Location: It is located on the third floor of the hospital’s main building, adjacent to the delivery block and the gynecology ward.

Number of active beds: This ward has 18 cuts, 5 incubators, and 1 warmer, besides 1 portable incubator.

Specialized services providable in the ward: services to infants in this ward are provided by specialized and sub-specialized physicians and an experienced nursing and midwifery team, taking the advantage of medical and medicinal facilities and equipment at 24 hours of the day and night.

In this ward, there is a breastfeeding room for mothers.

  • Services of this ward:
  • • Receiving the baby from the delivery block/operating room
  • • Admitting infants (including calculating height, weight, head circumference, chest circumference, etc.)
  • • Bathing the baby after 6 hours
  • • Inoculation of hepatitis and BCG vaccines
  • • Polio drops (vaccine) when discharged
  • • Vitamin K injection
  • • Breastfeeding training for mothers
  • • Displaying CDs and educational pamphlets for mothers besides presenting breastfeeding books and breastfeeding quarterly
  • • Starting phototherapy in case of jaundice
  • • Blood sampling of infants
  • • Neonatal screening (metabolic panel)

Internal number: 322 – 321