Mehrad Hospital

Operating room

Location: it is located on the fourth floor of the hospital’s main building.

Number of active beds: six rooms equipped for various surgeries like neurosurgery, gynecology, general, orthopedics, kidney and urinary tract, ENT, cardiovascular, beaut, etc.

Specialized services providable in the ward: services to patients in this ward are provided by specialized sub-specialized surgeons, a team of experienced anesthesiologists and nurses, as well as experienced technicians using advanced surgical facilities and equipment and modern anesthesia machines. The operating room is active 24 hours a day, ready to provide services to patients.

Mehrad Hospital

Some of the advanced features of this department:

  • • Fluoroscopy device with storing, recording, and printing options
  • • Advanced laparoscopic system with imaging, recording, and printing options
  • • Arthroscopic system and CARM machine
  • • Specialized microscopes

Internal number: 416 – 415

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