Patient Admission Guide

  • • Referring with the physician’s hospitalization order
  • • Visiting through the emergency room

Patient Admission Steps:

1- Presenting the hospitalization order besides a valid identification card to the admission unit by the patient

2- Initial admission by the person in charge, registration of identity information, and referral to the fund to determine the deposit

3- Coordination with the desired ward’s supervisor, provision of the bed, formation of the file, and issuance of the patient’s companion card

4- Signing the determined papers by the patient or first-degree relatives

5- Accompanying the patient by the host and then delivering the file to the relevant ward

It should be noted that on an outpatient and inpatient basis, the patients are admitted in the same way.

Patient Discharge Guide

Introduction of Discharge Unit:
The discharge unit of Mehrad Hospital acts its assigned tasks under the supervision of the finance unit. The patient is discharged from the hospital with the final cooperation of this unit’s staff besides the calculation of costs according to the tariffs of the Ministry of Health and the California desktop codes. .
Dear patients and companions, the discharge staff always seeks to cooperate with you in complete peace and mutual respect.
After finalizing the hospitalization, the patient goes to the discharge accounting unit to go through the steps below:

• Announcing the patient’s expenses during the hospitalization
• Supervising and controlling the file before discharge besides calculating the patient’s costs including surgery codes, visits, and consultations with discharge accounting experts according to the tariffs of the Department of Health and California desktop codes
• Issuance of invoices and referral of patient to the main fund unit
• Settlement of the patient in the main fund unit, receiving the original invoice, and issuance of the exit form